Roasted Red Breakfast Potatoes + Best Ever Egg Scramble

potatoes2Diner-style roasted red breakfast potatoes with smoked paprika, fresh rosemary and garlic. These breakfast potatoes are fantastic on their own, but toss them in an egg scramble and you’re looking at breakfast perfection!

Hello and happy Thanksgiving Eve! Please tell me you don’t go all day without food until the main event. A nutritious breakfast of substance is so totally necessary on this holiday for multiple reasons. Not only will it tide you over until the main event, but more importantly, it will 1.) prevent you from going absolutely hog-wild once the Thanksgiving spread is laid out and 2.) prevent you from falling into a deep, dark food coma afterwards.

Plus, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day and you are important and therefore, LET’S EAT BREAKFAST :)

potatoesSo how many of you absolutely love those crispy diner-style breakfast potatoes? Combined with some over-easy eggs, bacon and ketchup (always), they just complete the classic all-American style breakfast. Unfortunately, they are often times doused in a hefty amount of oil and salt. No surprise there. However, what may be surprising is you can make them at home and almost mimic the taste with much less oil and salt.

Whataya think about that, iHop??…

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