No-Bake Vegan Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

Brwns4Soft and chewy double chocolate peanut butter brownies that require no baking and are naturally vegan and gluten-free. These brownies are so incredibly moist and decadent-tasting, you would never believe how nutritious of a treat they are.

Helloo weekend! I have never been so happy to see you. It’s been a longggg week. The kind of week that required chocolate every single day. Thankfully, these brownies were able to keep me sane while keeping me on track with my nutrition.

Until Super Bowl Sunday, that is.. 😉Brwns3This is exactly the way to my heart. Chocolate + peanut butter + minimal labor. A cafe con leche on the side would really seal the deal.

These are the kind of brownies you could eat for dessert, a midday snack, pre or post-workout or heck, even for breakfast. They are kid-approved, picky eater approved and appeal to even the non-health enthusiasts. One brownie contains 20% of your recommended daily fiber intake and almost 6 grams of protein!

I LIVE for healthy desserts that are also super satisfying. It’s not the easiest task to accomplish. I am always trying to healthify some of my favorite desserts and I would say it works in my favor maybe 20% of the time. When you’re trying to eliminate oil, refined sugar, butter and sometimes even flour, it requires some major creativity!Brwns2But rest assured, you will not miss ANY of the above mentioned ingredients in this recipe. The first batch I made was polished off within 2 days at my house, which subsequently resulted in me making 2 more batches by the end of the week. I think I need to start buying industrial-sized tubs of peanut butter at Costco…..

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