30 Minute Orange Basil Chicken with Coconut Rice

OrangechickenOrange basil chicken with snap peas and coconut rice is an incredibly flavorful meal that comes together in only 30 minutes. It’s totally worth ditching the take-out over!

Could we get anymore “Wednesday” with this meal? It’s midweek and we’re 90% tempted to just call in a take-out order, but we also know the chances of that happening tomorrow and Friday night will steadily increase. Ergo, we need a meal that is quick and easy, yet still healthy and flavorful. Enter: These bowls!Orangechicken3I madly love a good rice bowl. Give me a steaming pile of jasmine rice (trader joe’s makes a brown jasmine that is my all-time fav!), some sautéed veggies, grilled chicken or shredded pork with a flavorful sauce and I’m in heaven. They also make for the ultimate leftovers….

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