• Creamy White Bean Enchilada Soup with green chiles, corn, and all the robust flavor of classic white enchiladas. This soul-nourishing soup leans on pantry and freezer items for convenience, and gets its creamy character from @horizonorganic Pasture-Raised Whole Milk (#ad). Gussy it up with whichever fresh garnishes you fancy (highly recommend crushed tortilla chips), and this one-pot wonder will become an instant family favorite. Grab the recipe through my profile link! #lovesprouts #horizonorganic
  • Tomato-Curry Poached Eggs with Beans may be the APEX of eggs-for-dinner. This 30 minute meal leans on pantry staples like canned tomatoes, beans, and dried spices to create a wildly flavorful one-pan wonder perfectly suited for any meal of the day. Dip crusty bread into the luscious streams of egg yolks, or spoon the mixture over rice for a hearty gluten-free main. Truly, this simple skillet meal is already on repeat over here. Grab the recipe through my profile link!
  • Make delicious use of frozen peas in this 20 Minute Parslied Pea Pesto Pasta. The sweetness of green peas tempers the peppery bite of parsley, which gets a fresh lift from lemon. Even the kiddos will love this lightning-fast plate of pasta. Grab the recipe through my profile link!
  • Broccoli Fried Rice with Turmeric-Tahini Sauce is a streamlined one-pan wonder that makes the most dynamite leftovers. Bolstered with frozen edamame for a protein punch, broccoli for prebiotics and crunch, plus a slew of anti-inflammatory spices, this dish is built for people pleasing. Grab the recipe through my profile link!
  • Pro tip: add a couple extra sheets of lasagna noodles to my One Pot White Bean Lasagna Soup and you get a bowl of saucy, deconstructed lasagna (which is a very, very good thing). Hearty Italian dishes have always been my go-to comfort food, but even more so lately. This one gets a nutrient boost by swapping classic ground meat for sautéed shrooms and white beans for a one-two punch of plant protein and fiber. Finish with a dollop of herb-specked ricotta and salty strips of Parmesan, and this combo is a pure hug-in-a-bowl. Grab the recipe through my profile link!
  • Spanish Rice and Beans is a pantry powerhouse meal that comes together in one pot! Brimming with flavor from fire-roasted tomatoes and dried spices, and topped with a simple parsley oil for a bright, fresh finish. This vegetarian meal offers plenty of plant-based protein, plus a hearty dose of fiber, B vitamins, and essential minerals. Grab the recipe through my profile link!
  • Cheesy Tuna Toasts with Olive Salsa takes a can of tuna and jar of olives to heroic heights. The bright, briny salsa makes the perfect foil for a cheesy tuna melt, though can also double as a pasta topper or cracker accoutrement. Brimming with heart-healthy fats and polyphenols, enjoy this dynamite duo as an easy lunch or dinner, or satiating mid-day snack. Recipe linked in my bio!
  • RED PESTO PASTA. This 20 minute recipe leans on pantry staples like roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and spices to create a total umami bomb sauce. (Truly, this combo is miles ahead of any green pesto I’ve tried in terms of complexity and versatility.) Keep an extra batch of pesto on hand to elevate baked fish, homemade pizza, or to serve over crusty bread bruschetta-style. Grab the recipe through my profile link!
  • There may be a half foot of snow on the ground, but I’m welcoming the first day of spring with Chili Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos with Mango Salsa. The perfect alchemy of boldly spiced fillings and sweet salsa make for a high-wattage vegan taco every eater will enjoy. Add a dollop of guacamole or yogurt to anchor the fillings to a toasty tortilla and you’re in for a total flavor fiesta. Grab the recipe through my profile link!